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Our Mission:

Challenging individuals to become their best physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Ensuring individuals react to physical threats with effective, street oriented self-defense.

Producing high caliber martial artists to promote a positive image to the general public.

Honoring martial arts traditions while contributing to the evolution of our style.

Ronald B. Malone

History of Grandmaster Ronald B. Malone


Grandmaster Ron Malone is the highest ranked black belt under Professor Tiwanak on the East Coast. He was promoted to Chief Instructor 9th Dan 4th level in March of 1990 and was appointed as head of the East Coast During his many years of teaching and thousands of people he has taught, he has received numerous awards. He was inducted into “THE WORLD MARTIAL ARTS HALL OF FAME” in April of 1992 where he receive the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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