The Fourth Biannual
Malone’s Kenpo Karate
Black Belt Test & Promotional Dinner

June 9th and 10th, 2017!


To every member of the Malone’s Kenpo Karate Family,

I warmly invite you to celebrate Chief Professor Ronald Malone and the organization he has nurtured for over 50+ years. The two-day festivities begin with professors teaching an advanced self-defense seminar Friday 2:00 PM. Professor Chappotin leads the seminar on the use of KAHOI weapon followed by me showing advanced blocking self-defense. Afterwards, we will have a black belt barbecue at my house. The food will warm your bellies while sharing and reminiscing with friends will warm your souls. Saturday morning will begin with picture taking at the school followed by approximately 7 brown belts being tested for black belts. The last promotion was so moving that tough men shared tears. The celebration continues with a buffet awards dinner honoring accomplishments and dancing.

Chief Professor Ronald Malone & GM Barbara Malone touched each of your lives because you are special to Malone’s Kenpo Karate. Don’t miss the opportunity to be reminded of this again.

Best Regards,
Professor Alex Marsal